With its rich history (with relics dated way back to World War II days) and beautiful flora all around the park, Labrador Nature Reserve has been one of the most tranquil and peaceful places to take a stroll, study, and play. It too has barbeque pits designated in the park for public; a place for you to host your next BBQ outing with your colleagues, friends and family members on a good sunny day.

3 ways to booking / renting BBQ pits at Labrador Nature Reserve:

1. AXS Station

You will need: NETS card (debit card in Singapore) or Cash

Find the nearest AXS station.

An AXS Station is a one-stop multi-application and interactive high performance terminal that provides e-commerce, payment services. You can find the nearest station via this link:


Once at an AXS station, tap on “Government” and “National Parks Board” buttons to begin.

After reading the rules and regulations, press “Continue” to proceed with your booking.

Step #1 – Input your preferred date & select park location.
Step #2 – Select barbeque pit area. The pit areas are labelled by alphabets.
Step #3 – Select barbeque pit location. The pit locations are labelled by numbers.
Step #4 – Input your contact information. (Name, NIRC … etc.)
Step #5 – Check your details and select “NETS” payment mode.

Reminder: Print out the receipt and safe keep it for verification purposes by park rangers.

2. Phone Booking

Call 6560-2727 to book your barbeque pit through the phone-booking system (operating hours: 8 am-10 pm daily). Inform the Customer Service Officer the park of your choice and the BBQ pit number that you wish to book.

Make your payment at any AXS Station within 24 hours of your phone booking.

Making payment at the AXS Station

Step #1 – Select “Government” and “National Parks Board” buttons to begin.
Step #2 – Select “Internet/Phone Booking Payment” button.
Step #3 – Enter NRIC no. used to make phone booking.

Reminder: Print out the receipt and safe keep it for verification purposes with the park rangers.

Do place reservations at least one day in advance of the actual date.

3. Internet Booking

Log on to: https://e-station.axs.com.sg/NParks/Internet_Payment/

Click start to being your booking.

Click “I agree” to proceed on with your booking, once you are done with reading the rules and regulations.

Step #1 – Select your preferred date, Park Name and Park Area to perform the search.
Step #2 – Select barbeque pit area (alphabets) / location (numbers).
Step #3 – Enter your contact information (name, NIRC … etc).
Step #4 – Check your details and click “Confirm” to proceed.

You will receive a confirmation of your booking.

Reminder: Make your payment at any AXS Station within 24 hours of your phone booking.

Further Tips

Here are some additional tips and things to take note of (for easier booking process):

  • Each booking is from 12pm to 8am of the following day.
  • Your booking is for the BBQ pit and not for any shelter.
  • Once your booking is confirmed, there will be no refund, changing of date and/or pit.
  • B.Y.O.P stands for “Bring your own pit.” Highly recommended for people with their own pits. However, if you don’t happen to have one or find it a hassle to transport yours over, use locations will barbeque pits already in place.