Singapore Otah, partnering up with a winner of The Green Book Best Food Awards 2009/2010 & 2011/2012 (Gold) food distributor, is a brand dedicated to selling high quality BBQ food products to our customers at wholesale prices.

We provide food products such as: Otak-Otak (Otah), Satay, Satay Sauce, BBQ and Seafood, Nasi Lemak, Sambal Stingray, Sotong, Western Food, BBQ accessories and much more.

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1. Wholesale Prices

Resellers have to increase their prices to make any significant profits. We don’t—this means you’ll be saving when you are shopping with us.

2. Award Winning BBQ Products

A good brand is made great by the products they serve. And having it backed by a reputable award helps send out a message of the product’s quality and assurance of the standards that has been set.

It’s a huge privilege in receiving The Green Book Best Food Awards 2009/2010 (Gold), and we’ve decided to give the award it’s own page here.

And having the award now means 1 thing — that translates to a great news — for you:

You’ll only be tasting the best with us. :)

3. You’ve Found Us First

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