BBQ wings
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Having an upcoming barbecue planned for the June holidays? BBQ outings have been a favorite pastime for many Singaporeans, from weekends to school holidays, one can easily book BBQ pits and start your own BBQ party instantly for a great time with friends, colleagues and family.

We believe that every barbecue can and should be an exciting time for get-togethers; here are 5 fun ways to make your BBQ a more unique experience:

1. BBQ beyond meat with fruits and bread.

Who said you have to stick to meat? Much can be done with bread and fruits over an open flame. One quick idea is to prepare cookie cutters to make breads and fruits into fun shapes with themes like “animals” or “letters”! Allow the shapes to be different from the others. Let everyone in the party decide the toppings they would like to add into the mix, from adding cheese, onions, various spices, to bread and cinnamon, and honey to fruits.

2. Foil-wrapped surprise meals.

Place different combinations of chicken, fish and vegetables with sauces and spices in foil packets. These cook in less than 20 minutes and lead to no-mess, lip-smacking results. Your BBQ friends will love the surprise element and can easily switch or share packets. You can even ask your family for combo suggestions before the barbecue, or draw ingredient names out of a hat to create fun and new meal ideas.

3. Add a little variety into the mix.

A little variety goes a long way. If you tend to stick to the same old beef kebabs to BBQ chicken wings, why not try beef steaks or Japanese teriyaki chicken chop? Similarly, try to mix it up with condiments and seasoning. Sick of ketchup? Try salsa instead. Look online where you’ll find hundreds of easy recipes for barbecue rubs. These give your food that extra variety and have a even greater time of fun through the day.

4. Barbecues don’t have to be rushed.

In fact, barbecue fans will tell you that today’s quick broiling is an insult to the term, which should represent a process of slow cooking on low heat. You can find many slow cooker recipes online, and the wait is a great opportunity to pass some quality time with your family and friends. Entertaining chalet or East Coast Park BBQ activities include creating an outdoor canvas to paint on or playing quick frisbee games to keep the activity fun with friends and family members.

5. Go huge on your BBQ for the adventurous!

Build your own massively-crazy-and-an-epic of a BBQ dish with the items you can order through our menu. From chicken chops to beef steaks, to the outrageously hot and spicy otah otahs and bagus tasting satay (with the satay sauce), you can start creating your supersized burgers or pizzas today—the skies the limit.

Finally, don’t fret! Far too many people get lost in the details of planning the perfect barbecue party and forget to enjoy the social atmosphere and delicious food. So kick back, bask in the relaxing sun and prepare for a summer of unforgettable barbecues.