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Award winning otak-otak, satay, and BBQ from just S$120. Get only the best Singapore’s BBQ products with free* islandwide delivery today.

Your favourite BBQ direct from the wholesaler to you

Singapore Otah: Award Winning Wholesale BBQ

Quickest & easiest way to order wholesale BBQ online. Happy shopping! :)

Winner of The Green Book Best Food Awards 2009/2010 & 2011/2012 (Gold).

  • We provide satay, otah, and more at wholesale prices
  • We deliver to home, outings, chalets, and leisure BBQ
  • We also supply to businesses, restaurants, food outlets
  • Island-wide delivery, daily; 9am to 11pm (including Sundays and Public Holiday)
  • Freshest ingredients (prepared on day of delivery)
  • Halal certified (on selected products)
  • Min order at S$120/-
  • Free delivery for orders above S$250/-

Do keep us in mind for your upcoming chalets, parties, functions and events. Share the good news with your friends today or place an order with us in the form below to start buying now.